Rental equipment translated across the country

Translation equipment has brought many conveniences for interpreters and language guides in the translation process for foreigners.

Realizing the benefits of wireless translation equipment, 2Q company has learned and imported wireless translation equipment products with many outstanding features and utilities to the Vietnamese market. At the same time, to save costs for the units, 2Q has brought to the service “Renting equipment across the country” to the units that need to interpret the translation for the

1. What is translation device ?

Translation equipment is a set of devices including 1 transmitter and multiple receivers. Accordingly, the device interpreter speaks the language of the listener and the listener hears the content from the translator through the receiver.

The device translates with many outstanding features such as wireless, has a noise filtering system, audio transmission within the radius of the distance … brings utilities for both speakers and listeners.

Translation equipment is often used in jobs such as explanations at museums with many foreign visitors, tourist tours at tourist sites for foreign visitors, bilingual workshops and conferences. overseeing factories for foreign partners …

2. Types of devices supporting interpretation

Device WT 500: Includes a transmitter and multiple receivers, making it easier and easier to transmit audio to many people.

  • The WT 500 translator can use up to 10 hours with just 1 battery. Help reduce extra battery weight and cost.
  • With a weight of only 70g WT 500, it is convenient for listeners in the process of moving at places such as Museums, Tourist Areas …
  • Communication from the transmitter to the listener is about 100m without obstructions, giving a clear sound to the listener.
  • Automatically filter empty channels, filter noise.
  • With 80 pre-programmed channels, it is extremely flexible, suitable for translating work in many different units.

Device WT 300: WT 300 with many different channel options, suitable for interpreting captions in many units and fields.

  • Antenna – antenna WT 300 for transmission range up to 100 m
  • Auto lock function helps minimize accidents and other problems while typing the keyboard.
  • Custom areas for different logos or mailing applications are an ideal feature to promote the tour locations, introduce factories …
  • The band on 640 – 865MHz.
  • 40-80 advance programming channels (Depend on frequency)
  • Display the LCD bright screen with the number of channels.
  • Shortcuts Automatically lock
  • Rechargeable batteries .

3. 2Q offers low cost translation equipment nationwide

As the exclusive representative unit of equipment vendors to explain OKAYO in Vietnam market, 2Q has investigated and imported WT 300, WT 500 translation product lines and provided translation equipment rental service. nationwide

The translation equipment products are 2Q company and for many units in different fields across the country to serve the needs of introduction and interpretation. The service has received positive feedbacks from customers on product quality, compactness, utility of products, reasonable rental price of 2Q …

Các sản phẩm thiết bị dịch của 2Q cho thuê trên Toàn quốc đều là những sản phẩm chính hãng, kiểm tra kỹ lưỡng trước khi đưa vào hoạt động tại các đơn vị, giúp các đơn vị cảm thấy yên tâm trong quá trình vận hành, sử dụng.

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