2Q take out lease on nevigator with cheap price, reputation

Demonstration equipment is a product that includes: Equipments and receivers, used in events such as seminars, conferences, tours, introducing museums, relics ….

2Q Technology Joint Stock Company is an importer and provides OKAYO demonstration equipment products to the National market.

1. What is voice overs?

The voice overs device conveys sound from the speaker to the listener. The set of demonstration equipment includes transmitter, receiver and accessories.
Equipment delivered to speakers, equipment for listeners

2. Characteristics of voice overs

  • The device is designed to eliminate noise and noise, suitable for the demonstration in crowded places, many noise.
  • device to interpret sound transmission distance from a radius of 100 m, suitable for many listeners
  • The voice overs device has a compact, wireless, suitable design that is convenient to carry around with people to different locations.
  • The battery usage time of the demonstration device (about 10 hours) allows explanations for the device for a long time without worrying about interruption or interruption.

3. 2Q take out lease on nevigator with cheap price, reputation

2Q has provided demonstration equipment rental services for many units across the country

Demonstration equipment products are used in many areas such as: Explanation of Museums, Tour guide, factory overs …

Rental equipment products provided by 2Q are highly appreciated by customers for their quality, stable operation and reasonable price when leasing.

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