Rental of multilingual auto interpretation at Thang Long Water Puppet Theater

Thang Long Water Puppet Theater is a famous address in Hanoi that attracts not only domestic visitors but also many foreign visitors to see Puppet Dance, learn about the unique folk culture of the country.

In order to support the need to listen to the explanations of the puppet parts, 2Q company has provided the service: Renting multilingual automatic voiceover equipment, helping foreign visitors to understand the chapters, when watching a puppet show.

1. What is the multilingual voice overs device?

A multi-lingual voiceover device is a device that automatically integrates the narrative content, so visitors only need to sit and watch it.

Automatic voiceover device can interpret 7 different languages: Vietnamese, English, French, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish.

2. The process of hiring automatic speech equipment at Thang Long puppet theater

The process of renting an automatic voiceover device at Thang Long Puppet Theater goes through 3 steps:

  • Visitors buy equipment rental tickets
  • Visitors receive automated voiceover equipment
  • Visitors return the voiceover device automatically after watching it.

Tourists buy tickets to rent automated speech equipment at the ticket counter of 2Q, where visitors will be consulted, choosing the language you want to hear. Guests will then be provided with 2Q’s technical staff, giving a brief guide about the device for guests during the puppet show.

After the show ends, please return the device to 2Q at the location where it was received.

Contact to get an automatic interpretation device at Thang Long Puppet Theater:


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